British truckers protest fuel prices

The World

American truckers are having a tough enough time paying $4.50 for a gallon of diesel, and British truckers are paying twice as much. This man runs a British trucking firm and he says truckers are hurting: it now costs over 1000 pounds a week to fill up a truck, or nearly $2,000 dollars. But some argue this is just a new way of life, such as this analyst which says we’re moving into an age which is going to be carbon strained. One British transport campaigner suggested making the industry more efficient. But the strikes are in part fueled by a perceived inequity compared to other European truckers and he says the government appears not to be listening. London’s new mayor just declared an end to the city’s agreement with Venezuela to import low-cost fuel, and cited discomfort with the idea of procuring cheap fuel from a country with poverty issues.

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