Millions Endure Record Heat Wave in China's Financial Center

The World

Children play in a fountain in Shanghai, China, as temperatures soar during a heatwave (Photo: Reuters: Carlos Barria)

Our Geo Quiz today is NOT air conditioned. It's just hot. The temperatures in the Asian city we want you to name have been hovering this week up around 100 degrees. That's making the morning commute hot and sticky, and drawing others down to the breezy waterfront known as the Bund that runs alongside the Huangpu River. Meteorologists say it's the hottest July in well over a century. It's so hot that China's meteorological authority issued an orange high-temperature alert for "serious disastrous weather." It's so hot that a local TV journalist cooked a porkchop on the sizzling pavement in 10 minutes. It so hot one resident compared the city to a "cauldron of boiling dumplings." So can you name this city in East China where 23 million people are hoping for a cooler weather forecast? The answer is Shanghai. The heat wave that's affecting large parts of China with no relief in sight has got Shanghai based journalist Rebecca Kanthor thinging about ways to stay cool.
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