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Filmmaker Crystal Kwok speaks to a customer at shop featured in the film,"Blurring the Color Line."

‘I want people to have uncomfortable conversations’: A new documentary explores Chinese and Black relations in the Jim Crow South


Crystal Kwok is the director of “Blurring the Color Line,” a new documentary about her family’s experience in Augusta, Georgia, and the relationships between Chinese Americans and Black people during the Jim Crow era.

Cartagena's historical center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and contains some of the best preserved examples of 18th century military architecture in the Caribbean. The city's walls were built with slave labor.

Where The World has been in 2021 — the year in pictures

Opening up a box of imported cherries.

In China, imported fruit is the must-have luxury item for the new year

At the Shanghai Beer Fest, a waiter for a local brewer sports lederhosen. China is becoming more of an international beer market.

China is getting a taste for craft beers, but not for craft brewing


Millions Endure Record Heat Wave in China’s Financial Center


Traveling Home for the Chinese New Year, By Car

It’s Chinese New Year, and millions and millions of Chinese are traveling home, and back, for the holiday. This year, Rebecca Kanthor and her Chinese husband are doing what more and more people in China are doing. They’re driving home for the holiday.

Taking the Pulse on US Debt in Shanghai

Global Politics

Kanthor talks with everyday business people in Shanghai.