Calgary, Alberta Mounts Massive Flood Cleanup

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The Bow River overflows its banks onto the grounds of Calgary Stampede and Saddledome hockey arena in Calgary, June 22, 2013. (Photo: REUTERS/Andy Clark)

We're looking for the name of a river that's flooding parts of the Canadian province of Alberta.

This river arises out of glacial meltwater in the northern Rocky Mountains.

It runs right with through the city of Calgary, the largest city in Alberta.

Massive flooding on this river last week shut down much of Calgary.

Jen Gerson, Alberta correspondent for the National Post, says people are still being cautioned about returning to their flooded properties.

"One of things that people returning to their homes are being told is, if you step into your house, the first thing you have to do is go down to your basement and if you see water above your power line, you have to get out. You can't even go back to your house because the risk of electrocution is so high. That's why tens of thousands of people remain without power even after the worst of the flooding has receded."

So can you name the river that's causing havoc in Calgary, Alberta?

Major flooding is affecting people in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

One of the rivers that's bulging out of its banks is the Bow River – which is the answer to our Geo Quiz, by the way.

The Bow River runs right through Calgary, Alberta – its one of the several rivers that are flooding communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Jen Gerson, Alberta correspondent for Canada's National Post newspaper says the flooding may put Calgary's upcoming rodeo festival, the Stampede, at risk.