Expedition Across Frozen Siberian Frontier

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Monday's Geo Quiz is cold, cold, cold.

We're looking for the name of a cold Siberian city. It's the capital of the Russian republic of Sakha.

It has on average the coldest winter temperatures for any city in the world.

This capital city is also the starting point of a venture nicknamed "Expedition Extreme Cold."

In the weeks ahead, a small team of explorers, reindeer herders, and a filmmaker will trek several hundred miles across a Siberian forest where temperatures get down to minus 75 F.

So what's the temperature outside there today?

"Well its actually a heat wave passing through here so I think its no more than 38 or 40 below zero," says Swedish explorer Mikael Strandberg.

A sense of humor comes in handy when it gets that cold.

Can you name the city?

The answer to Monday's Geo Quiz is Yakutsk, the capital of the Russian republic of Sakha. It's the starting point for an expedition led by Swedish explorer Mikael Strandberg who's trekking across Siberia to document the traditional way of life of the reindeer people of Siberia.

In the coming weeks, he'll travel several hundred miles across an extremely cold and remote region of Siberia.

Here's a partial list of the equipment he's packing for the trek (see the complete list at his blog):

We are 8 people, 16 sleds (8 sleds for people, 8 sleds for equipment) and it is based on 40 days of food
Flour 25 kg
Tea 3 kg
Suger 25 kg
Pasta 25 kg
Rice 25 kg
Cooking oil 10 liters
Milk sweet 20 cans
Spam 40 cans
Biffar 10 kg
Salt 5 kg
Buck wheat 25 kg
Cookies 5 kg
Fresh Fish 25 kg
Fresh Cow meat 25 kg
Coffee 5 burkar
Loaves of bread 40
Fast boiling macaroni 100 bags
Petrol 80 liters
Petrol generator Honda
Emergency medicine
Cigarettes for reindeer herders 200 packets
Tent 2
Wood stoves 2
1 axe
Eating utensils, teapots, cooking ware for the group
Skins to sit on whilst travelling
Skins to cover the kit
2 spades
1 chain saw
Thin lead cable for reparations
5 jerry cans to carry 120 liters of petrol
3 thermos flasks

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