Congo: A Journey Through Goma's 'No Man's Land'

The World
Residents of the eastern Congolese city of Goma have been on edge for the past week after rebels from the Rwandan-backed insurgency called the M-23 took over the provincial capital. Now the insurgents say they're prepared to retreat from the city. But the reality on the ground isn't that simple. Correspondent Michael Kavanagh traveled Thursday across the frontlines from rebel-held Goma, into Army-held territory, and then back again. He says the warring factions aren't all keen to negotiate. And residents fear the insurgents will go on a massive looting rampage, before pulling out of the provincial capital. Kavanagh says the Congolese Army has been been humiliated in the last weeks by this small band of rebels. "You can see it in their faces and you can see it when you talk to them," he adds. "They're disorganized and undisciplined and it's taking a lot for Congo to turn this army into a coherent enough group that can provide security for the population."
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