Dozens of cars are shown from behind packed into a road trying to drive out of Goma with houses on either side.

Thousands evacuate Congo’s Goma amid renewed volcano threat

Natural disasters

Tens of thousands of people are fleeing the city of Goma in eastern Congo fearing another volcanic eruption by Mount Nyiragongo.

A health worker wearing Ebola protection gear walks next to tents.

How the Ebola crisis in DR Congo has changed in the last year

Health & Medicine
A man in medical scrubs writes onto a wooden cross

DR Congo has been fighting Ebola for a year. What does the WHO declaration change?

Health & Medicine
A man sits while getting his temperature checked.

‘No place for complacency’ as Ebola detected in eastern DR Congo

Health & Medicine
Mark Robinson traveled with a team from the Goma Observatory to set up monitoring equipment. He was in the volcano just days before it sprung back to life.

One of Africa’s most active volcanoes is showing new signs of life

Dancers in Goma, DRC

He traveled to Congo to teach hip hop and ended up giving a beat-making class on US race relations


It’s Swahili. It’s French. It’s English. It’s hip hop created by American professor Pierce Freelon on his latest trip to Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Except this time, news broke back home in the US about black churches set ablaze. Freelon soon turned his beats making lab into a masterclass on race relations.

A Nobel Peace Prize for legalizing marijuana — why not?

Global Scan

Uruguay made waves when it legalized the possession, consumption and manufacturing of marijuana. Now, the president has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. A 12-year-old discovers a new species of giant jellyfish. And just what would it take for New York City to host a winter Olympics? All that and more, in today’s Global Scan.

Crisis in eastern Congo

The latest round of violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has turned into a humanitarian catastrophe.

UN Security Council Allows Peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo to Make Pre-Emptive Strikes

Global Politics

The UN Security Council approved the creation of a UN combat brigade with the authority to carry out ‘offensive operations’ against armed rebel groups in eastern Congo.

Congo: A Journey Through Goma’s ‘No Man’s Land’

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Correspondent Michael Kavanagh traveled Thursday across the frontlines from rebel-held Goma, into Army-held territory, and then back again. He says the warring factions aren’t all keen to negotiate and residents fear the insurgents.