Cycling the World

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Somen Debnath (Image: Somen2020)

We're trying to track down Somen Debnath in the Geo Quiz. He is traveling around the world on bicycle to raise awareness of AIDS and Indian culture. Somen grew up just outside of Kolkata, India. Back in 2004 he headed off on his bicycle. By his own count, he's visited 60 countries so for and traveled more than 50,000 miles. He says he was captured and roughed up by the Taliban in Afghanistan. On Thursday, he was in a Central European capital that's near the Baltic Sea and the Carpathian Mountains. But he's not going anywhere fast from there. It seems someone stole his bicycle but that hasn't dimmed his spirits. Somen is hoping to set off soon on two new wheels, to Germany, Denmark and then Iceland. So where is he now? The answer is Warsaw, Poland. David Leveille reports.