On Martin Luther King Day, hearing from his namesakes

The World
Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and whether or not you do something special to commemorate the day, chances are, you know MLK's name well. No doubt, you've heard it hundreds, if not thousands of times. But we wanted to find out is what's it like to be named Martin Luther King, when you are not, in fact, the civil rights leader or one of his descendants? We speak with three very different men who are all named after Martin Luther King, Jr.. Martin Luther King Chavez Dosh is an instrumental and electronic musician. He's the white son of a former Catholic priest. He joins us from Minneapolis, MN. Martin Luther King Aubrey works at a mental health facility, and is African American. And he's not the only MLK in his family. His son is also one. He joins us from Norwalk, CA. And Jordan Luther King Schwartz runs an internet software company and blog called Wallyhood.com. He's white and Jewish, and joins us from Seattle, WA.
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