Previewing the Senate's likely 'Tea Party bloc'

The World
The Tea Party has grown up fast. Back in April, the news was dominated by images of scrappy rallies and angry voters. By November, Tea Party groups have backed some candidates who seem poised to win their races, and the movement has acquired both serious financial backing and a "godfather" waiting to help them establish power when (or if) they arrive in the Senate this January. On election day, we take a look at the likely contours of Tea Party power. Gabe Bullard reports from WFPL in Louisville, Kentucky, where Tea Party-backed Republican nominee Rand Paul is leading against Democrat Jack Conway ? and getting ready for his freshman year as senator. Mark Quinn, host of SCETV's The Big Picture, reports on the South Carolina Senate race, where Republican Jim DeMint is poised to trounce Democrat Alvin Greene and move on to Congress as the Godfather of the Tea Party.
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