A group of people are shown in a demonstration with one person carrying a sign that says, "Say Her Name."

Decision in Breonna Taylor case sparks new protests; Hong Kong police arrested Joshua Wong; North Korean troops shot and killed a South Korean official

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Global eyes are on renewed racial justice protests in the US, with demonstrations again erupting in several cities around the country in response to Wednesday’s announced decision not to charge Kentucky police officers for the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. And, Hong Kong police arrested Joshua Wong and a second pro-democracy activist on Thursday for having joined a rally last October. Also, North Korean troops shot and killed a South Korean official allegedly trying to defect to Pyongyang.

Although there are several drinks based on bourbon, many enthusiasts prefer the alcohol straight in a glass on the rocks.

Master distiller provides insight into the ‘Old Fashioned’ science of making bourbon

United Airlines

Chinese social media wants you to boycott United Airlines

NCAA Basketball: Louisville Red-White Scrimmage

Women’s bodies as recruiting tools: How Louisville basketball welcomed high schoolers with paid escorts

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Voters voices from around the country

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Sue Grafton, A to Z

Sue Grafton grew up pulling noir crime fiction off her father’s shelves in their Louisville home. But it wasn’t until she was in her 40s, already a published novelist and Hollywood screenwriter, that she tried her hand at the genre. In part, it was to escape the movies. “I’m just not a team player,” she […]

Two voices heard in more than 100 public areas around the country


For decades, Jack Fox and Carolyn Hopkins worked in the voiceover industry and have left their audio mark around the country. Their names may be unknown, but their gentle reminders and warnings may sound familiar to those who frequent airports or the New York Subway system.

As Kentucky Derby nears, horse racing in America reaches a crossroads

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The audience for horse racing in the United States is declining. According to insiders, even the sport’s strongest supporters are loathe to recommend racing to their friends as something worth spending time on. But there are ideas for embracing technology that some hope will turn the sport’s fortunes.

Dull, Boring set to become sister cities

Two small towns, one in Oregon the other in Scotland, are considering becoming sister cities. They’re not exactly linked by trade, nor are they culturally significant. It’s really the towns’ names that have the two communities considering linking up.

Final Four set for Saturday with four heavyweights ready to take the floor

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On Friday, coaches and players from the four NCAA men’s basketball teams practices before the public and took questions from the media. On Saturday, it’s time to bring the Final Four experience on the road, with the Kansas Jayhawks taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Kentucky Wildcats set to take on the Louisville Cardinals.