Passengers wear protective masks due to the coronavirus outbreak, at Don Mueang airport in Bangkok, Thailand, March 9, 2020.

Stop touching your face: Why that’s more difficult than it sounds


Your hands connect you to the world. During a virus outbreak, that’s not a good thing. 

Kentucky mining supply company

After coal: A new book and documentary chronicle ‘stories of survival in Appalachia and Wales’

Although there are several drinks based on bourbon, many enthusiasts prefer the alcohol straight in a glass on the rocks.

Master distiller provides insight into the ‘Old Fashioned’ science of making bourbon


Another way to look at the fossil record? By examining coal.

coal ash pollution

In a Kentucky lake, fish tell the story of long-term coal ash pollution

Brother Guy Consolmagno is a Jesuit priest and the director of the Vatican Observatory.

For this Vatican astronomer, the solar eclipse is divine coincidence


Guy Consolmagno watched his first solar eclipse on Monday. It’s a pretty big deal for this Jesuit priest who’s also the director of the Vatican Observatory.

Stream pollution from coal mining

The GOP Congress killed Obama’s Stream Protection Rule. Now what?


Coal has deep roots in Appalachia and its local communities, but this way of life often comes with persistent water pollution. Now, with the recent overturn of the Stream Protection Rule, coal companies are under less pressure to control and clean up their environmental impact.

NCAA Basketball: Louisville Red-White Scrimmage

Women’s bodies as recruiting tools: How Louisville basketball welcomed high schoolers with paid escorts


The truly scandalous aspect of the whole ordeal is that institutionalized sexism has become such a routine part of the game behind the game.

The World

Rand Paul stirs trouble with comments on civil rights

Conflict & Justice

Dr. Rand Paul put the Tea Party on the political map last week as he handily beat GOP-blessed Senate primary candidate (Kentucky) Trey Grayson. But in the first few days after his victory, the novice politician stumbled on his first big political test.

McConnell Faces Off With Tea Party, Democratic Candidates at Fancy Farm

The fate of next year’s Kentucky senate race–and that of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell–might be tied to his oratorical performance at a picnic that took place on Saturday in Fancy Farm, Kentucky. The event has developed into a crucial test of political power in Kentucky, featuring speeches from candidates and a charged, politically engaged crowd. […]