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For today's Geo Quiz, we're out for a drive. Londoner Andy Pag is on a long road trip. He's driving a car that runs on an unusual fuel - more about that later. But first, let's track his journey across Europe: He left England a couple of weeks ago, and took a ferry across the Channel to France: ?From there we drove through Belgium into Germany where we stopped at the Nürburgring which is a racetrack and we raced the cars around the track for a few laps, then we carried on down through Austria and over the Stelvio Pass which is in the Alps. It's an amazing switchback which goes up 3000 meters, from there we stayed in Venice for a day before following the Croatian coastline down the Adriatic Sea, beautiful, clear blue waters, then we spent a few days on the beach in Greece, now we're in the process of driving back, we haven't made it home yet, we got a ferry across the Adriatic to Italy and we've driven pretty much a straight line through Italy on an old Roman road up past Milan over the Alps again, and now we're fair a portion of the way up through France, about 300 miles from London.? Which puts Andy Pag in a French city - a city where many locals get around on the Metro or on public bicycles. photo: Andy Pag (l) said international cooking habits might hamper the journeyphoto: Andy Pag (l) said international cooking habits might hamper the journey So can you name this city? We'll reveal the answer and explore the alternative mode of transportation Andy Pag used to get there... If you drive an alternative-fuel vehicle like the one Andy Pag owns, you can forget about filling up at the pump. Andy has to be more resourceful. He's driving from Athens heading home to London. Grease2GreeceGrease2Greece And his car runs on vegetable oil. The kind you cook french fries in. For our Geo Quiz today, we asked you to guess where Andy's latest fuel stop is as he drives from Athens to London. Andy -- where are you fueling up today? Paris. And that's the answer to our Geo Quiz. Listen to the interview: