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Our Geo Quiz today takes us to the intersection of technology and the Catholic faith. Patron saints are an important part of Catholicism - and there's a patron saint for ... pretty much anything. This time, we're focusing on Saint Isidore -- the patron saint of computer users and the Internet. Saint Isidore In life, Isidore was Archbishop of a city in southern Spain. That city is also home to one of the largest cathedrals in the world. Today, it's considered the cultural and financial capital of southern Spain, and it's the setting for the legend of Don Juan. So... which city is it? Saint Isidore was the Archbishop of Seville or Sevilla as the city is known in Spain. Cathedral of Seville Isidore was a scholar and the author of what some have called the world's first encyclopedia. He was selected as the patron saint for all things computer-related during the tenure of Pope John Paul the Second. The current pope is also embracing technology in his own way. Benedict the 16th reportedly owns an iPod with the papal coat of arms engraved on the back. Pope Benedict XVIPope Benedict XVI This week, he sent a text message to his young followers in Australia during World Youth Day festivities there. He signed off as 'B XVI' - using Roman numerals, of course. Some media outlets have called him "the techno pope." But text messages aren't really all that new for the Vatican. Pope John Paul the Second was sending papal text messages ages ago... way back in 2004.
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