Global Hit: Angelique Kidjo - Uwem Akpan

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The subject remains Africa for today's Global Hit. Here are the first two lines of the song "Agbalagba." "Children are the guardians of the future. I beg them not to forget their roots." Kidjo's song Agbalagba means ancestors in Nigerian language Yoruba. This song was written -- and sung -- by Angelique Kidjo from Benin. Now, here are the first two lines of a story by Nigerian writer Uwem Akpan. Angelique Kidjo and Uwem AkpanAngelique Kidjo and Uwem Akpan "Now that my eldest sister, Maisha, was twelve, none of us knew how to relate to her anymore. She had never forgiven our parents for not being rich enough to send her to school." That's from Akpan's story called "An Ex-mas Feast" It appears in his debut collection of short stories, "Say You're One of Them." Say You're One of ThemSay You're One of ThemWhen Angelique Kidjo first met Uwem Akpan and read his stories, she says she felt an immediate bond. In fact, she says reading Akpan's stories inspired her to write Agbalagba. Both Kidjo and Akpan are devoted to improving the lives of children, especially those in Africa. They also remember that kids wouldn't be here were it not for the ancestors who preceded them. As Kidjo says to young people in her song: "Whatever wealth and riches you will earn. Please celebrate the memory of your ancestors."