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The capital Quito is the city in Ecuador that has received the biggest numbers of Venezuelan migrants. 

As Ecuador’s political crisis deepens, Venezuelan LGBTQ migrants feel the pain


Ecuador is in the throes of political turmoil and discrimination against foreigners is on the rise. This is affecting gay and transgender Venezuelans particularly hard.

Urchin perch on live coral (left) with fossil coral, the foundation of the live reef, in the foreground, live reef in the background.

Galapagos discovery offers clues to climate impact on deep-sea corals

Climate Change
The new reception center at a cruise terminal on the Brooklyn waterfront will house 1,000 migrant men until May 1, when cruise ships will be back.

New York City struggles to accommodate new migrants

Melina León at her Lima apartment with some of the awards she got for her debut film, “Song Without a Name.”

Peruvian filmmaker Melina León boosts Peru’s film industry with strong female leads

Arts, Culture & Media
Renata Flores often wears traditional Quechua clothing in her music videos and promotional photos.

Meet Peru’s Quechuan hip-hop star 

workers carry crates

Peru’s avocado ‘green-gold’ rush loses some shine

After years of getting high prices for their fruit, Peruvian growers and exporters have seen the prices fall dramatically this season.