Ruxandra Guidi

Yue Chang Zhou and his wife were asked to leave their apartment in a Los Angeles single room occupancy building

Have you heard of ‘cash for keys’? Many elderly immigrants in LA have — and are fighting it.


How one community group is helping low-income residents — many of them immigrants — realize their tenant rights.

A chalkboard lists the day's prices for coca - according to the quality of the leaves - in the Villa Fátima legal coca market in La Paz.

Coca is known as the main ingredient in cocaine. But for Bolivia, it’s more than that.

Reproductive rights in Ecuador

As Pope Francis visits Ecuador, women there say they’re losing ground

The town of Las Vueltas has almost no murders, but it does have a museum collection of guns and AK-47s that date back to El Salvador's civil war.

These isolated towns in dangerous El Salvador are murder-free zones

A passport that belonged to Sigfredo Chávez. Intipucá celebrates him as its first migrant to take off for the US.

The Salvadoran town where migrants are hotly debated folk heroes

"Mint", 24, is a former sex worker, now working at NightLight, an organization that hires former prostitutes.

Groups ‘rescue’ Thai sex workers, whether they want it or not

Conflict & Justice

Under pressure by the US government and American evangelicals, the Thai government has stepped up raids to rescue sex trafficking victims. The trouble is, many of the “rescued” sex workers may not have been trafficked in the first place.

Culture of Silence: Helping Latinas Battle High Rates of Depression

Conflict & Justice

For the past decade, research has found that depression disproportionately affects the children of immigrant parents. One reason is the difficulties adjusting to life in America. But why are depression rates for Latinas higher than anyone else?

A Push to Keep the Zapotec Language Alive in Los Angeles

Arts, Culture & Media

From a distance, in Los Angeles, Mexicans with indigenous roots are keeping their traditions and languages alive.

Ahmadi Muslims: Facing Persecution Abroad, But Finding a Home in the US

Conflict & Justice

Facing persecution abroad, more Ahmadi Muslims are finding a home in the US.

Chinese Students Flock to the US — And Efforts to Help Them Adapt are Ramping Up

Arts, Culture & Media

Over the summer, university students will pour into the US. And the number of Chinese students flocking here is growing. Yet many of these students can lack know-how of life in America; some colleges are aggressively trying to help them integrate.