Rob Sachs

Executive Producer

America Abroad

Rob Sachs is an award-winning journalist and Executive Producer for America Abroad. He has worked in the national radio industry since 2000 and has been a producer at NPR on programs such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Tell Me More.

Rob Sachs is an award-winning journalist and the Executive Producer for America Abroad, AAM’s monthly radio documentary series.He has worked in the national radio industry since 2000. He’s been a producer at NPR on programs such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Tell Me More.In 2006 he launched his own NPR podcast titled “What Would Rob Do?: An Irreverent Guide to Life’s Daily Indignities.” The audience for the podcast grew to over 15,000 listeners per episode and became the basis of a book published in 2010 by John Wiley and Sons.Rob has also reported for NPR, WAMU, KUOW, KCRW, and other radio outlets. Additionally he was a lecturer at the University of Maryland where he taught broadcast radio journalism.Rob received his bachelors degree from the University of Pennsylvania and lives in Maryland with his wife and three children.

iraq town hall

After ISIS, will Iraq’s elections be the next step to stability?

On May 12, Iraqis elected a new national parliament. In a surprise turn, a coalition led by controversial cleric Moqtada al-Sadr — a staunch opponent of both US and Iranian influence in Iraq — won the most seats.


Foreign policy and fragile states: A town hall discussion

Matthew Rhys as Philip Jennings in the FX show "The Americans."

At the center of most spy scandals, you can usually find one of these four factors

Global Politics
Tibetan Freedom Concert at RFK Stadium in June, 1998

Remember when the Beastie Boys played for Tibet? Here’s how it happened.

License plate reader

How police license plate readers can invade your privacy

A Man Uses A Computer in Cuba

How underground technology is revolutionizing Cuba

In Cuba, electronic communication can be tricky for people on the island trying to reach the outside world. It’s not only daunting — but can be dangerous. Despite those obstacles, Cubans have found ingenious ways to make their voices heard.

President Obama meets with King Abdullah of Jordan

Why Jordan is at the epicenter of nearly all Middle Eastern issues


The rise of ISIS is connected to Jordan. The Israeli-Palestinian crisis plays out in the shadow of Jordan. The Syrian civil war and it’s ensuing refugee crisis are taking a heavy toll on Jordan. Even the Iranian nuclear talks has a connection to Jordan. So, why Jordan, a landlocked country with few natural resources but tremendous importance for American foreign policy, at the middle of it all.

Dean Obeidallah

Middle East comedians are using ISIS to make jokes


The rise of ISIS and their brutal acts of terror have been a horrifying development in the past year. And yet within in the Middle Eastern artistic community, an unlikely group of voices has begun to stand up to try and combat’s the group’s message of fear and intolerance: comedians.

5th Grade Girls Attending Driscoll Elementary School in Brookline, Massachusetts

How American fifth graders react when introduced to the concept of child marriages


The concept of child marriage is a completely foreign idea in the United States. Yet in many parts of the world, including South Asia and Africa, it’s as common as the idea of marriage itself. In countries such as, Niger, Chad and the Central African Republic, for example, more than two-thirds of girls were married off before their 18th birthday in 2007. That’s according to the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW).

The Keystone Oil Pipeline is pictured under construction in North Dakota.

A decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is almost here


As the country decides whether or not to move forward with the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, America Abroad hosts a special binational Town Hall on the topic to hear perspectives from all sides of the issue.