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America Abroad

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Haitham Dagher and his girlfriend Satu in their apartment in Oulu

One Iraqi’s struggle to get refugee status in Finland might hinge on his religion

An Iraqi refugee tries to stay in Finland, but faces unexpected obstacles.

iraq town hall

After ISIS, will Iraq’s elections be the next step to stability?

putin rt

Putin’s media strategy? ‘A free jazz orchestra.’

RT van

Russia’s RT is contesting the very meaning of ‘truth’

rykov insta

The man who taught the Kremlin how to win the internet

Yiwu warehouse

When the US bows out of nation-building, China steps in


Unlike Western nations, China doesn’t demand democratic reform or human rights standards when engaging with states with weak or failing governments. Syria is a case in point.


Pro-opposition Syrians in Turkey grapple with losing the war


For many of the Syrians in Turkey who fought in, or rooted for the opposition, the bloodshed is ending in death and destruction with no freedom.

turkey astronomy

In Turkey, scientific progress isn’t perfect


Turkey is making advances in its scientific infrastructure — like its brand new astronomical observatory. But the new science curriculum for high schoolers leaves out the theory of evolution.


Foreign policy and fragile states: A town hall discussion


“There is a history of unexpected threats emerging from unexpected places, as we learned from Afghanistan. It is in both our national security interest and in line with our values to help fragile states.”


How Jordan’s particle accelerator is bringing together Middle East enemies


“Of course we have echoes of what’s happening in the region, but when you put scientists together, they tend to talk about science.”