Lucy Sherriff

Lucy Sherriff is a freelance multimedia journalist based between Colombia and Los Angeles. She covers climate change and human rights. 

Four men stand outside in a valley near a river bed

Small hydropower plants threaten Montenegro’s last free-flowing rivers in a bid for cleaner energy

As Montenegro shifts from coal toward cleaner energy, new hydropower plants are springing up all over the Balkan region. But renewable energy doesn’t always mean green.

People stand with face masks on the verandah of a yellow hospital building.

A raging TB epidemic in Papua New Guinea threatens to destabilize the entire Asia Pacific

Health & Medicine
coca leaves in a man's hands in Colombia

A push to legalize coca leaf production in Colombia

neris and daughters

This Indigenous tribe in Colombia is run solely by women

Women & Gender
Kriti Sharma

Meet Pegg, a gender-neutral robot assistant

Tiina Sanila-Aikio

These Sámi women are trying to keep their native Skolt language alive


Tiina Sanila-Aikio, 34, is head of the Sámi people in Finland, the only indigenous population recognized in the European Union. She’s also the creator of the world’s first Skolt-language rock albums — a Sámi language spoken by just 300 people.


An Argentine startup that makes shoes from discarded tire scraps and employs single mothers


Xinca currently employs 25 women from rural areas, where much of the production is done.