Julia Franz

Julia is a freelance writer who contributes to PRI.org.

Archie, a chihuahua, is pictured here.

How do you take the perfect dog portrait? The Dogist has you covered.

Trust the man. He’s photographed 15,000 dogs.

President Obama

American Icons: ‘Amazing Grace’

Reading about science isn't just for grown-ups: There are many excellent science-related children's books, too.

The year’s best science books for kids have something for everyone

science books in 2017

The best science books of 2017

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

An FCC vote to dismantle net neutrality is expected this week. Here’s what that means.

The Himalayas — where legends say the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, roams.

In DNA testing, ‘Yeti’ samples come up bears, bears, bears


Scientists recently revealed that nine rumored Yeti samples from the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau region were — not quite.

Hampshire College library

Hampshire College goes 100 percent solar


Hampshire is the first residential college in the US to source its electricity entirely from renewable energy.

Tesla's new semi truck.

Is the semitruck of the future electric?


Tesla recently unveiled the Tesla Semi, an all-electric truck. USA Today tech reporter Marco della Cava explains why it may not flip the industry just yet.

It might be raining diamonds on Neptune

After Cassini, where to next?


For some astronomers, the ice giants Neptune and Uranus are a tantalizing option.


Another way to look at the fossil record? By examining coal.


If you’re like most people, you probably think of coal as a chunk of black fossil fuel. Geologist Jen O’Keefe sees it differently.