Climate Change

Children play in the surf at Kite Beach with the Burj al Arab, the Dubai Marina and a man flying a powered parachute in the background in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 8, 2016.

To beat the heat, beach lovers in Dubai head to the shores at night

The beaches in Dubai are equipped for the adjustment. They have floodlights, late-night dining options, games and rides. And the lifeguards remain on duty into the wee hours of the morning.

Air quality levels have been bad in Accra since December as harmattan season kicks in across Ghana. The data coming in shows the situation is not improving.

Hazy skies over Accra: Harsh harmattan season in Ghana leads to health hazards, poor air quality

Projected blue and red stripes over white cliffs

The humble origins of the ubiquitous ‘climate stripes’

Sea-level rise and storms made stronger by climate change threaten communities across coastal Bangladesh.

‘They forgot about me’: People with disabilities in Bangladesh face increased risk during natural disasters

The village of Vallehermoso on La Gomera

Residents of lush La Gomera Island aim to protect it from over-tourism

Ghana officially commenced oil production in commercial quantities in 2010.

COP28: African nations resist fossil fuel phaseout, citing economic realities

At the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, leaders from the US and EU have backed a phasedown of fossil fuels, with some qualifications.  But many African countries say they deserve to exploit their natural resources and develop just like richer countries. 

Lower reservoir on El Hierro island

Spanish island dumps diesel for wind, water and sunshine

El Hierro, a tiny island in the Canaries, is halfway to the UN goal of ditching fossil fuels. But finding just the right renewable energy mix is proving tough.

A person in all black walks past a logo at the media center ahead of the COP28 U.N. Climate Summit.

Confidence in UN climate talks at a low point ahead of COP28 in Dubai

Optimism soared after the Paris Agreement was established in 2015. But progress at UN climate talks since then has been incremental at best.

Salah Fareeq Al-Feroun's farm sits unattended without the necessary water to cultivate Iraq's signature anbar rice, Al-Meshkhab, Najaf Province, Iraq, Aug. 30, 2023.

Iraq’s signature anbar rice is disappearing amid water shortages

Severe water shortages in Iraq are affecting the cultivation of the country’s signature anbar rice. The lack of water is being caused by a combination of climate change and geopolitics. The World’s Sara Hassan speaks with a farmer who can no longer grow the crop in southern Najaf province.

People marching in street with a Panamanian flag

Copper mine protests roil in Panama

The government approved a new contract with the mine late last week. Since then, protests have rippled across Panama, and people are afraid they could bring the country to a standstill.