World War II

Stalin refrigerator magnets for sale outside the Stalin Museum in Gori, Georgia

As Putin’s war in Ukraine continues, historians say it’s crucial to reflect on Stalin’s reign in the Soviet era


For some Georgians, Stalin represents a rags-to-riches tale — they see him as the country’s most-famous native son who put Georgia on the map. Others are pushing for a more comprehensive view of the man responsible for millions of deaths.

The entrance to Treblinka, one of Europe’s largest World War II-era extermination camps.

A new monument in Poland sparks concern about Holocaust revisionism

African American soldiers lined up in ranks during World War II

New technology could identify thousands of unknown soldiers who died in World War II

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Putin stands at a podium in front of a crowd and signage for May 9

Coronavirus postponed Russia’s Victory Day. That could be a problem for Putin.

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A mushroom cloud from a nuclear bomb.

How the race for nuclear power began

a closeup of an older man with a bald head and glasses

This Holocaust survivor convinced a Dutch rail firm to make reparations

During World War II, hundreds of thousands of Jews in the Netherlands paid for their train, operated by the Dutch state-run company NS, that later deported to them death camps. The parents of Holocaust survivor Salo Muller were on one of those trains.

a 1949 visa photo of a man

US deports accused former Nazi guard to Germany

The White House said Jakiw Palij served as a guard at the Trawniki Labor Camp, where about 6,000 Jewish men, women and children were shot dead on Nov. 3, 1943, in one of the single largest massacres of the Holocaust.

Firefighters blast water in Berlin in mid-August, providing relief from the heat. This is among the few ways to cool off in a city with little air conditioning.

It’s so hot in Berlin that people are cooling down in an old WWII bunker

Berlin doesn’t have many buildings with air-conditioning so people are looking for ways to cool off. One of the best is visiting an underground ruin from World War II.

Anthony Acevedo wearing a POW hat

This POW kept a secret diary that showed daily life in a concentration camp


Tony Acevedo’s life was extraordinary. He was a Mexican American child of undocumented parents. He joined the US army in WWII but was captured, and singled out as an “undesirable” by his Nazi captors, and was then sent to a concentration camp.

Commentary: War Memorials

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Veterans Day, November 11th, prompts Kurt’s commentary on America’s war memorials.