crosswalk in honolulu

Honolulu first major US city to fine ‘phone zombies’


Honolulu just enacted a fine for looking at one’s cell phone while in a crosswalk.

Sean Scantlebury and Aadel Qies practicing

Dance lessons over Skype connect Baghdad and New York City


Musicologist collects Saharan music with cellphones

Arts, Culture & Media

Pakistanis question government’s use of bans on cell phones, other tech

Cell phones teach South African students

Internet-based telephony


Once upon a time, internet-based phone service was “the future”; now tech watchers are wondering about its survival.

Environmental sensors in mobile phones

Imagine if in addition to making calls and snapping photos, cell phones could measure air pollution or pollen levels.

iPhones in Japan


The Japanese need more features than what the iPhone can offer — like an e-wallet.

The Pros and Cons of Telecommuting

Since being named CEO of Yahoo seven months ago, Marissa Mayer has consistently made the headlines. First, by taking over the helm while five-months pregnant. Second, by going back to work two weeks after giving birth. Third, by helping the fledgling company increase profits last year. But the biggest headline yet might be about her […]

When We Wrote Letters

Seems there was a time, not that long ago, when everyone ran to the mailbox, knowing there might be something special waiting for them inside. That time, however, has gradually been coming to an end, as more of us rely on email, texting, and Skype to communicate. It’s a reality that even the U.S. Postal […]