In a hot pan, the streaky bacon made by La Vie starts curling within minutes, bubbling and crisping…just like, well, bacon.

A vegan bacon revolution takes hold in France


La Vie, a plant-based food startup in France, is on a mission to start a vegan bacon revolution and has tested products that taste almost like the real thing. Pork lobbyists are not too happy about it. 

Vegan Beat storefront

Gyro is the ‘holy grail’ of Greek fast food. An Athens restaurant offers a vegan alternative.

The cultured chicken dish prepared by chefs at 1880 restaurant was served to customers for the first time this past weekend.

Is Singapore’s approval of lab-grown meat a win for the climate?

The Big Fix
A woman samples food from a spoon.

Meet Nigeria’s small but growing vegetarian and vegan community

Fania Lewando, a restaurant owner in Poland before World War II, wrote a Yiddish cookbook that reveals a vibrant Jewish vegetarian tradition.

Jewish vegetarians say you don’t have to make brisket for Passover — and they’ve got the recipes to prove it

Kale Walch cooks a pan of "bacon," one of the meatless meats that he and his sister Aubry Walch (in the back) whip up for The Herbivorous Butcher. They're hoping to open what they say is the world's first vegan butcher shop in the spring.

A sister and brother dream of making the perfect vegan Spam


How do you make a meatless version of Spam? Turns out it’s relatively easy to match the taste — but getting the texture right is the trick.

Vegan lunch: Going meatless in Beijing


In a country where eating meat is considered a sign of prosperity, veganism is on the rise as more Chinese consider the environmental impact of what they eat.

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Turkey Sub

Vegan eaters may consider Thanksgiving a gastronomic challenge, but chef Didi Emmons meets this challenge with relish. She’s the author of “Vegetarian Planet,” and shares with Living on Earth some of her tried and true turkey substitutes.

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Reinventing American Cuisine

Arts, Culture & Media

It’s the Fourth of July weekend. Since many of us are getting ready to cook-out with friends, The Takeaway invited chef, author, and eco-activist Bryant Terry to talk about food.

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Documentary highlights animal abuses on factory farms

Global Politics

A vegan, Pete worked undercover at a farm in Ohio and took footage of how farm animals are treated for the new HBO documentary, ‘Death on a Factory Farm.’ He joins The Takeaway to talk about his experience.