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In limbo, some families in the US with H-1B visas begin to make other plans


The federal government is resolute that it will end a program that gives spouses of H-1B visa holders authorization to work. They just haven’t said when.

In this cartoon, a young boy is swinging from monkey bars and a piece of paperwork from Immigration is at his right

As US ends immigration programs, a mother and son wonder if they’ll ever be together again

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She escaped violence in El Salvador, but there’s little time or resources to heal while seeking asylum in the US

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The deadline to renew DACA is here, but 36,000 people still have not applied

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Thousands of DACA recipients are scrambling to make the Trump administration’s ‘unworkable and cruel’ deadline

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While Trump considers ending DACA, immigrant advocates say don’t panic — prepare


Ten state attorneys general have given the president until Sept. 5 to decide if he will rescind the Obama-era program that gave temporary work permits and reprieve from deportation to some undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children.

In 2012, Tarek Hamdi, from Egypt, received his US naturalization certificate. He first applied for citizenship in 2001 but faced more than a decade of delays and denials until he won his case.

A recently-uncovered federal program turned one man’s path to citizenship into a 11-year trek

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Tarek Hamdi wanted to be a US citizen. The federal government wasn’t so sure. He spent 11 years battling bureaucracy and a new federal program to get his citizenship.