A New National Anthem

Arts, Culture & Media

This Sunday is the 234th birthday of the United States of America, and across the nation people will be watching baseball, illegally shooting off fireworks, eating apple pie, and generally swelling with patriotic pride. And on radio stations across the land, Studio 360 will modestly proffer a new national anthem for your enjoyment: ‘Beauty of […]

Boy sitting on cream sofa holding child's drawing, looking at it

A 3-year-old held up by Canada’s no-fly list? His parents say it’s ‘ridiculous.’

Global Politics
A stack of Charlie Hebdo cartoon collections in the publicity office of the satirical newspaper in in Paris.

Brace yourself America, Charlie Hebdo has arrived


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Izzy’s Pick: Ghana over USA


Here’s how a controversial work of art healed America after Vietnam

Arts, Culture & Media

Can a work of art heal a nation? The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has changed how we think of war and the way we grieve in public. Here is the story of its controversial birth and its lasting power.

Do you trust Wikipedia with your health? Med students aim to make it better

Health & Medicine

When you get sick, do you look to Wikipedia to help you figure out what ails you? A California medical professor thinks if you’re going to do that — and many do — he might as well improve the quality of those articles. And he’s getting med students to help him.

Trying to escape the government shutdown? Don’t head to the great outdoors

Lifestyle & Belief

Many around the world have mocked the inability of US government officials to cooperate and end the government shutdown. Those who aren’t laughing include people from around the world whose visits to US national parks have been ruined.