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Immigrant students settle with govt over fake university

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Six years after ICE revealed a university was a sting operation, the students caught in the middle say they still haven’t fully recovered. 

Advocates gather outside the county building in McHenry County, Woodstock, Illinois, on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

ICE contracts at local, regional level spark contentious debate

An inmate wearing an orange suit mops near blue plastic bags inside a detention center.

Immigrants, rights activists call on Biden to end private detention

The sewn badge of an ICE officer is shown on the shoulder of an offfical.

Oregon protesters confront ICE officials; India registered its highest increase in coronavirus cases; ISIS has taken a port in Mozambique

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A detainee talks with an employee in an exam room in the medial unit during a media tour at Northwest ICE Processing Center

ICE gets sued to release immigrant detainees amid COVID-19 pandemic

A woman traveling from Guatemala, who is six months pregnant with a boy, is examined by a volunteer medic in a motel.

US immigration system is full of hurdles for pregnant women and new mothers


According to a Government Accountability Office report released this month, ICE data show that detentions of pregnant women increased by more than 50% — from 1,380 in 2016 to 2,098 in 2018.

Men in uniform open the door to a house.

A new Trump administration policy could lead to more US citizens being deported


Today, a new Trump administration policy will go into effect that will allow the government to deport undocumented immigrants without a court hearing if they are unable to demonstrate they’ve been in the country for at least two years. Marco Werman spoke with law professor César García Hernández to explain what this could mean for immigrants and deportations across the United States.

Woman in a black suit poses in front of a tile mural.

Students at this Minneapolis charter school prep for immigration raids


There could be immigration raids in 10 US cities, according to news reports. At a south Minneapolis high school, the principal has worked to make sure her students are ready if the raids come.

A woman stands in front of a banner reading "End Family Detention"

As Trump eyes more family detention, experts say it puts kids at risk


Doctors inspecting detention centers found problems with recruiting and retaining qualified pediatricians and mental health care providers, and a lack of access to emergency and specialty care, given the remote locations of most of the facilities.

Young girl, shown from behind, with arms outstreched, in room in home

The government says it will help reunite families they separated at the border — but not all of them


A US government court settlement leaves one mother, separated from her daughter and then deported in 2017, wondering whether the US will do anything to help her reunite with the daughter it took from her at the US border.