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NYC traffic and pedestrians

New York City gets nation’s first congestion pricing plan


New York City just became the first city in the US to adopt a congestion pricing plan. The plan is expected to raise about $1.5 billion in revenue every year, mostly for its crumbling subway system.

A bird walks inside a commuter underground tube train

Why Luxembourg’s free transit may not fix its traffic problem

a bus carries commuters as it travels over Waterloo Bridge in London

Math explains why your bus route seems so unreliable

Helsinki tram

The city of Helsinki imagines a car-less and more care-free future

Traffic piles up in New York City's Times Square. New York is one of the cities that attempted to introduce "congestion pricing" — fees for driving at peak hours — but the plan was defeated.

Would you pay more money to never sit in traffic again?


London’s cycling ‘superhighways’ prove to be super dangerous

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They’re called cycling “superhighways,” but the new scheme in London to encourage pedal power has come under fire after a number of cycling fatalities.

Boston’s mass transit system burdened by debt and increased ridership

Global Politics

A flawed highway construction project has put the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority nearly $9 billion in debt. The costly project forced MBTA officials to answer two fundamental questions about their 100-year-old system: Who benefits from it and ultimately, who should pay for it?

Prospering Public Transportation

Despite robust and rising ridership, many transit systems around the country are deeply mired debt, and Boston’s MBTA is a prime example. But there is a way out, according to Christopher Leinberger, a developer and professor at George Washington University. He has a plan called “value capture” that would use transit-related real estate profits to solve the MBTA’s fiscal problems and reduce Boston’s carbon footprint to boot.

Dutch Cyclists May Get Heated Bike Lanes

The Dutch may not have to ditch their bikes quite so often during the winter. One Dutch company wants to heat the country’s bicycle lanes with a geothermal heating system.

A Bicycle Superhighway in Denmark


The Danish government wants to encourage suburban commuters to bike to work and is planning a network of bicycle “superhighways” that will connect the capital to its suburbs.