a group of tourists take photos of the birds perched on the balcony rails

Macaws lighten things up in Venezuela’s capital, and form a special bond with residents


Blue and gold macaws, a species non-native to the city, have developed a relationship with the residents of Caracas, Venezuela. However, the birds’ future is uncertain as their habitats are becoming increasingly endangered.

Tourists stroll down a street that is packed with bars and restaurants, in Medellin's Provenza neighborhood.

Medellín was one of the world’s most dangerous cities. Now, it’s trying to grapple with an influx of tourists.

Woman takes a picture of a sunset at a park.

Barcelona gets bombarded by selfie-taking tourists

Half Moon Bay is a famous beach in Antigua and Barbuda that is now covered sargassum, a type of large, brown floating seaweed.

Caribbean summer forecast: high chance of sargassum

To get certified by the Starlight Foundation, Villa de Leyva, Colombia, plans to change its streetlights so they only point downward and use light bulbs with warmer colored temperatures.

This Colombian town is dimming its lights to attract more tourists to view the night sky

The Inca temple of Sacsayhuamán gets only a handful of visitors per day now, as tourists cancel their trips to Cusco amid protests taking place in Peru.

Protests across Peru are keeping tourists away from the country’s top travel destinations


The Peruvian city of Cuzco is usually teeming with visitors, but because of ongoing protests, only 4% of its hotel rooms were occupied last month. Many residents say the situation has become critical.

White Sand beach on Boracay Island, in the Philippines.

The return of Chinese tourists restores hope in the Philippines’ tourism industry

When the Chinese government made the decision to relax its pandemic restrictions and allow for travel abroad again, tourism professionals in the Philippines welcomed the news, but concerns linger about the expected increase in mass tourism.

Bullfighting is still legal in the Colombian city of Manizales, which holds a major festival on the first week of January.

Colombia’s plan to ban bullfighting sparks debate on tradition, animal rights


Bullfighting has become less popular as views about animal rights change in Colombia. But in some parts of the country, it is still a highly esteemed tradition.

grassy mountain

An unseasonably warm winter in Europe threatens ski resorts, tourism

Climate Change

​​​​​​​Countries across Europe are experiencing unseasonably warm weather this January, causing a headache for ski resorts and broader concern for what it might mean for the year ahead.

A life-size replica of a slave ship graces the Marina Project in Benin.

Benin is building a theme park to remember slavery — is history up for sale?


The Marina Project in Benin could lead to a better understanding of the transatlantic slave trade. But critics say that the commodification of heritage may debase the experiences of painful pasts.