Everything is Awesome About These Female Lego Figures

Arts, Culture & Media

Artist Maia Weinstock creates series of Lego minifigures based on trailblazing women like Justice Ruth Ginsberg and Temple Grandin. 

Man on a computer

Fewer international students coming to US for grad school in science and engineering

College graduation

How H-1B work visas transformed tech and education in the US and India

Hedy Lamarr

How actress Hedy Lamarr became the ‘mother of Wi-Fi’

A student at the chalkboard

Decades before they choose a career, girls think being ‘really, really smart’ is for boys

Rachel Ignotofsky

Fighting the STEM gender gap with stories of trailblazing female scientists


“I think when people close their eyes and think of who a scientist is, they don’t see a woman,” says Rachel Ignotofsky. Her new book aims to change that.

Barbie dolls are seen in a window of a toy store.

Barbie typewriter toys had a secret ability to encrypt messages — but they didn’t think girls would care


When Barbie released a typewriter “for girls” — they decided the girls wouldn’t care about its cryptographic capabilities.

A toy made by Roominate.

Here’s a doll house for little engineers


If you want your daughter to get interested in STEM, you might want to consider asking Santa for a saw instead of a Barbie.

Beyonce STEM

High school girl to college recruiters: Don’t make everything pink!


Last year, Virginia high school senior Abby Wheat decided she’d had enough of the pinkification of STEM, so she decided to write about it.

The World

Hank Green honors the woman who taught him ‘School wasn’t about getting an ‘A.’ It was about understanding’


For Across Women’s Lives’ education week, YouTube entrepreneur Hank Green thanks the teacher who taught him, “School wasn’t about getting an ‘A.’ It was about understanding.”