Hank Green honors the woman who taught him ‘School wasn’t about getting an ‘A.’ It was about understanding’

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The World

We know it's true: teachers change lives. And it's also true that in many parts of the world, the majority of teachers are women.

All next week (June 15-19), as part of Across Women's Lives, we're highlighting the education of women and girls. But we also want to recognize the power of women as educators, so we're asking people to make 15- to 30-second videos describing the coolest, most useful thing a female teacher ever taught them.

Here, YouTube entrepreneur and generally awesome human Hank Green gives a shout out to his former high school chemistry teacher, who taught him that "school wasn't about getting an 'A.' It was about understanding."

Post your 15-30 second videos to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #TeachHer. We'll have full coverage on women's and girls' access to education around the world from June 15 to 19. 

Check out Green's interview earlier this year with President Obama. 


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