Barnacle geese have developed new migration routes and breeding grounds amid warming global temperatures. 

Animal species are evolving to adjust to climate change, but scientists say time is running out

The Big Fix

Scientists have been studying changes in animal physiology and behavior, some of which they believe are linked to rising global temperatures. They say the adaptations are beneficial, but may have limitations in the long term.

Piles of recently cut-down trees are are seen in Brazil.

Biodiversity loss has an enormous impact on humans, according to a UN report

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Flamingos have enjoyed a resurgence in Florida over the last 50 years. Notice that the young flamingo in the middle is gray and not the iconic pink. Flamingos gain their pinkish color over time through their diet — mainly shrimp.

New study sheds light on the debate over the origins of flamingos in Florida

The total number of wild animals in the world has dropped by more than half in just 44 years, according to the World Wildlife Fund's new Living Planet Report. The report compiled data for more than 10,000 vertebrate species, along with trends in humanity'

Global wildlife populations have fallen by half — a stat that says it all

water mite

Jennifer Lopez has a species of water mite named after her. Really


A scientific discovery falls out of this epidemiologist’s nose


Tony Goldberg was so close to a new species he practically could have smelled it. On a research trip to Africa, a new species of tick came right out of his nose.

New research finds rapid evolution in plants to resist predatory insects


Researchers at Cornell conducted a five-year experiment that documented how plants evolve quickly to account for changing environmental conditions. The research explains how key features of plants, horseradish’s bite, chili pepper’s spice, is really a defense against insects.

Species seekers: crazies for the environment

So-called “species seekers” have risked their lives, sabotaged others, and changed the way people think of the world and themselves.

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The Vital Role of Bacteria

Without the bacteria in our own bodies, or deep in the soil and the oceans, we could not flourish and grow, and nor could any of the plants we depend on.

New Species in the Old World

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In Europe, home to history’s greatest taxonomists, professional scientists and amateurs are scouring the countryside for new species — and finding them at an astonishing rate. Ari Daniel Shapiro of our partner program NOVA reports.