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Ten TV Episodes to Watch Before the Golden Globes

Arts, Culture & Media

Our guide to the 10 best episodes of Golden Globe-nominated shows you can watch online before Sunday’s awards.

Social media

Confronting the new geopolitics of ‘net-states’

Global Politics
College graduation

How H-1B work visas transformed tech and education in the US and India

President Donald Trump waiting for the arrival of Egypt's President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi at the White House in Washington on April 3.

Trump unveils more limits on visas favored by Silicon Valley

Entrepreneur and author Andrew Keen argues that the free model of the Internet isn’t really free at all.

The Internet may be hurting all of us

Teen scientist Alexa Dantzler

Want to be a woman entrepreneur? Here’s advice from those who have made it


When you picture what success looks like in Silicon Valley, you might think of a hoodie-clad guy fresh out of Stanford — or maybe an older, tie-wearing investor type. But what about a woman?

Jean-Louis Gassée, a former colleague of Steve Jobs at Apple. Gassée is now a venture capitalist based in Silicon Valley.

For French entrepreneurs, there’s no place like home — in Silicon Valley

It’s hard to be an entrepreneur in France these days, what with government regulation and a French attitude that failure is just bad form. So some French entrepreneurs are settling in Silicon Valley and bringing their French style with them.

Dancers relax after performing during a Diwali Festival in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley gets linguistic enlightenment from India

Arts, Culture & Media

The language of tech start-ups, innovation and business deals are deeply influenced by the many Indians who live and work in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley criticized for over-valuing top talent

Harvard Business Review author criticizes Silicon Valley companies for paying exorbitant amounts for ‘star’ employees.

NSA Revelations Present Business, Ethical Challenges in Silicon Valley

A little more than a month ago, The Guardian revealed the NSA was collecting the phone records of millions of Verizon Wireless customers. Since then, it has been revealed that Silicon Valley companies like Microsoft made data accessible to the security agency too. Yesterday, The Guardian released a follow up showing the extent to which […]