Antonio Lopez makes markings in the sand to show what sea turtle tracks look like.

From the desert to the sea, CRRIFS cares for and protects San Carlos wildlife


CRRIFS, a wildlife rescue in San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, Mexico, helps protect sea turtles and other animals facing threats from human activity. Many volunteers make their work possible.

A diver walks in Tham Luang cave complex wearing waders and a headlamp.

Found alive on 10th day, Thai boys’ cave ordeal not over as rain threatens

Atlanta (left) and her sister Phoenix lounge with a volunteer outside the cargo hall before leaving Istanbul.

Turkey has a golden retriever problem. America can help.

Gaza Zoo Animals

Animals from ‘world’s worst’ zoo find a new home

Three men sit in rubble in white helmets

How to help: Some of the groups that worked to save Omran Daqneesh — and countless others — in Syria

A Palestinian family was among the migrants rescued with the help of the aid group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders.

Terror on the Mediterranean: One life jacket for a family of three


Their 19-month-old daughter plunged underwater. The mother couldn’t swim. She got the life jacket while her husband dived under the surface, trying to save one of the hundreds of migrants after their Europe-bound vessel capsized.

Just try to imagine this man surviving three days in an air pocket inside a sunken boat

Health & Medicine

Harrison Okene, a chef for an oil company, survived for three days trapped in an air pocket at the bottom of the sea after his boat capsized off the coast of Nigeria. His rescuer didn’t think anyone was still alive.

VIDEO: As cruise ship search stops, U.S. officials say such a situation here is unlikely

The Costa Concordia ran aground over the weekend, killing 11 and leaving about two dozen still missing with hope quickly fading that they’ll be found alive. Meanwhile, U.S. officials are seeking to reassure domestic cruise passengers.

The World

Search and Rescue, on Whose Dime?

Laura Lynch reports from Vancouver, British Columbia, on efforts to find ways to pay for the rising cost of search and rescue for people in trouble in the outdoors. More and more skiers, snowboarders and hikers are venturing into restricted areas, getting into trouble and having to be rescued. Ski areas and outdoor equipment retailers […]

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Tech Note/Personal Beacons

Living on Earth’s Jennifer Chu reports on a new satellite beacon for hikers that may take the search out of search and rescue.