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Workers’ movements advocate for rights on May Day; Saudi activists allege man killed over megacity plans; Doctors wait hours as Venezuela faces fuel shortages

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As May Day celebrations and rallies have been curtailed, workers around the world are pushing for their rights. Fuel shortages are making life harder for Venezuelans, especially essential workers. And even as Lebanon teeters on the edge of economic collapse, some Americans are choosing to ride out the pandemic there. Meanwhile, Sweden’s gardeners have become real party poopers.

Gas rationing expands as New York, New Jersey recover from Hurricane Sandy

Japan’s Gasoline Rationing Experience

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Precious Waters


India: Rationing in disasters

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Upcoming series Rationing Health

Conflict & Justice

PRI’s The World takes a global look at the controversial issue of rationing healthcare with four perspectives from four countries. Series editor David Baron explains.

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Carbon trading gets personal


Some say that limiting industry’s greenhouse emissions isn’t enough; individuals need to be put on a cap and trade plan, too. Guest: Richard Starkey, a researcher with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in the UK, about a number of personal CO2 trading schemes, and the challenges to putting limits on people’s carbon emissions.