Puerto Rico

In this Aug. 20, 2020, file photo supporters watch the program outside the venue where Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden is speaking, during the Democratic National Convention at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

How Puerto Ricans in central Florida may decide the US election

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Florida is a must-win state in the race for the White House this Nov. 3. Whether President Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the state’s 29 electoral votes could depend on a few hundred thousand Puerto Ricans in central Florida.

Ysabel Turner created an altar in her 2018 exhibit at the New York City Aperture Foundation.

For this Latina artist in New York, goodbye to all that Goya

A woman with a mask hands a pink plastic bag to a woman in a car

Mutual aid groups respond to double threat of coronavirus and climate change

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A person wearing a pink cap sits at a table near three large, black, plastic rats.

‘Colonialism is scary as hell’: Puerto Rican activists in Chicago stage a haunted house

A hurricane is pictured from space going over Puerto Rico.

Caribbean fish love catastrophic hurricanes

Protesters gather with colorful signs

Puerto Rico’s new land-use zoning map strikes a nerve with fed-up citizens


The proposed map could potentially speed up the development of — and radically transform — popular natural landscapes and historically protected urban architecture. It was rolled out in the midst of an unprecedented political uprising, which might have doomed the proposal to obscurity. Instead, it struck a nerve.

Puerto Ricans wait to get cash out of an ATM in San Juan ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian on Aug. 28, 2019.

In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Dorian’s tropical winds blow up fear and frustration among residents

The islands — still recovering, slowly and haltingly, from the catastrophic impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 — dodged a bullet, but the threat of a direct hit was enough to trigger the entire country into a state of anxious preparation and reflection.

A woman with her right hand up is on the left side of the photo, a woman holding a book

3 governors in Puerto Rico? A plot twist beyond ‘House of Cards,’ says minority leader.

Wanda Vásquez is the third person to hold Puerto Rico’s governorship in one week’s time. The World speaks with Eduardo Bhatia, minority leader in the Puerto Rico Senate, about the state and future of Puerto Rico’s democracy.

Several people on stilts and others line a street

Poet laureate says despite poverty, Puerto Ricans are ‘very powerful’ in fight against corruption

Conflict & Justice

Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans participated in protests demanding the resignation of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló. Poet laureate Raquel Salas Rivera speaks with Marco Werman about the movement for change in Puerto Rico.

A man is shown walking between two houses with a chain link fence on his left and a manicured stone wall on his right.

Puerto Rico’s Vieques island ousted the US Navy. Now the fight’s against Airbnb.


As gentrification takes hold on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, many local residents find they’re being priced out of living there.