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Delegates began to share their concrete visions on what they believe the future plastic treaty could look like at the first meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC-1).

Negotiators meet in Uruguay to map out global plastics treaty


With a 2024 completion deadline that was voted on in March, the future treaty aims to reduce plastics pollution on a global scale. Organizers plan to mitigate the costs and effects of plastic production as a whole and engage workers’ concerns within the industry.

two students on the beach

Surfing scientists in Spain are hunting down microplastics 

Plastic pollution has become a major concern in Ghana.

Ghana’s fishermen are drowning in plastic. The govt is trying to tackle pollution before it’s too late.

In this Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016 file photo, a man guides a raft through a polluted canal littered with plastic bags and other garbage in Mumbai, India.

YouTube influencers work to stem the flow of trash to the seas

Two people enjoy bubble tea.

Backlash from bubble-tea fans after China bans plastic straws in restaurants

Kristal Ambrose, Bahamas Plastic Movement

Bahamas Plastic Movement founder wins Goldman Environmental Prize


As an island nation, the Bahamas finds itself drowning in plastic carried from far away by ocean currents, as well as from its tourism industry and domestic use. Kristal Ambrose decided to try to do something about it.

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China announces a new ban on single-use plastics

As one of the world’s biggest users of plastic, China recently unveiled a major plan to phase out single-use plastics across the country.

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‘More waste, better taste’: This Garbage Café offers food in exchange for plastic


Here’s the concept: Bring in a kilogram of plastic trash — about two pounds worth — and you get a free hot meal.

A woman stands on a sandy beach wearing a blue jacket with her hands in her pockets and her hair blowing in the wind.

Can UK communities go ‘plastic free’ with cultural shift?


Canary Wharf was labeled the first plastic-free commercial district in the world. But this shopping center and other communities with this designation actually aren’t plastic-free — yet.

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‘Beyond the crisis point on plastic waste’: New bill is wake-up call, says senator


Recent research estimates that as much as a credit card’s worth of plastic makes its way into our bodies each week. A new bill aims to drastically reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the nation’s waste stream.