Daniel Melendez is program director for TSJ Media, which runs three Spanish-language radio stations in Ohio, including La Mega, and puts out out Spanish-language newspapers and magazines all over the Mid-West.

Cleveland’s La Mega radio tries to unite diverse Latin American communities


Spanish-language radio stations aren’t new on the coasts, and they’ve gradually been cropping up in the American heartland, too. La Mega, in Cleveland, is the latest offering; one station playing the pop hits from all over Central America and the Caribbean.

In Ohio, concerned citizens can bring water from their wells to a monthly water monitoring program.

Fearing pollution, some local governments are demanding back zoning control over oil and gas


New Report Shows Ohio Police Secretly Use Facial Recognition Technology

Regional Manufacturing Hubs, to Compete with Foreign Competition, Begin in Youngstown, Ohio

Ohio city of Oberlin debuts community-wide environmental dashboard


Grand jury will convene to consider more charges in Ohio rape case

Conflict & Justice

A grand jury in Ohio will consider additional charged in connection with the rape of a teenage girl, specifically considering whether charges shoud be filed against people who failed to report what happened. Among those who could be called are 16 people who refused to be interviewed about the case and Steubenville’s football coach.

NCAA Tournament 2012: Top seeds, Ohio teams big winners going into Sweet Sixteen

Arts, Culture & Media

For the first time ever, one state has provided four of the 16 teams still alive in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament. But beyond Ohio, the Midwest United States is home to the majority of the still playing teams.

Democrats show signs of life, but Republicans win too, as results from 2011 elections are tallied

Global Politics

In Ohio, Mississippi and Arizona, laws, amendments or candidates closely tied to major conservative efforts all went down in defeat. But, in Virginia, Republicans are on the verge of retaking the State Senate.

As lockout drags on, more regular people finding their paychecks shrinking

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Restaurants near NBA arenas are cutting hours, laying off employees and otherwise tried to cut expenses as they deal with the lack of NBA games to fill their buildings.

VIDEO: Zanesville, Ohio, police forced to kill exotic animals that escaped

Global Politics

Wild animals — grizzly bears, bengal tigers, African lions — were released from cages at the compound where they lived overnight. Most have been shot and killed, others have been captured and turned over to the Columbus Zoo, but a few remain at large.