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In this Nov. 12, 2011 file photo, workers in protective suits and masks wait to enter the emergency operation center at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Okuma, Japan.

Author Yoichi Funabashi on Fukushima crisis 10 years later: Nuclear energy was and still is ‘unforgiving’

Yoichi Funabashi, one of Japan’s most imminent journalists and author of a new book titled “Meltdown: Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis,” told The World that there was a lack of emergency training for that critical scenario faced on March 11, 2011. 

McDaid and Lekalakala

Two friends from South Africa share the Goldman Environmental Prize

For years, Shanghai has featured some of China's worst air pollution. Recent initiatives by the Chinese government, though, have begun to clean up some of the problem.

With the US pursuing fossil fuels, alternative, renewable forms of energy could be an even bigger boon to China

Onkalo waste storage site

Finland’s solution to nuclear waste storage may set an example for the world

Catholic priests lead a protest march at an anti-nuclear demonstration outside of Seoul in April 2017.

South Korean Catholics take the lead in protesting against nuclear power

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worker at the Fukushima plant

Climate change is fueling a second chance for nuclear power


In the quest for a carbon-free future, scientists and entrepreneurs are developing a new generation of nuclear reactors.

Diablo Canyon

Nuclear reactors in California and New York State are on different paths


Pacific Gas & Electric has decided to take the aging Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, near an earthquake fault in California, offline within 10 years and replace it with wind and solar power. But an even older reactor, Indian Point, near New York City, will continue to operate, despite defects and opposition.

Steam rises from the cooling towers of the Electricite de France (EDF) nuclear power station at Nogent-Sur-Seine, France. The nuclear industry, and some of the world's top climate scientists, are arguing at the Paris climate talks that nuclear energy must

What’s the bigger risk: Using nuclear energy or turning away from it?


At the Paris climate talks, most everybody is searching for a silver bullet — a technological fix to produce enough clean energy to allow us to continue to grow. Some argue we already have part of the solution: more nuclear energy.

Pilgrim plant aerial

Even plans to close nuclear power plants stir controversy


When the Nuclear Regulatory Commission found Entergy Corporation’s Pilgrim Generating Station to be one of the three most dangerous nuclear power plants in the US, it was no surprise to some local residents. It has been the focus of protests for much of its 43-year history. Now Entergy plans to close the facility within a few years — but that hasn’t ended the controversy.

Pilgrim nuclear plant

Nuclear reactor closings in the US continue to roil the energy industry


The Entergy Corporation recently announced it would soon close two aging nuclear power plants in the northeast US. At the same time, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has granted the company a new license to operate a Tennessee reactor that some experts consider one of the least safe in the nation. What does this portend for nuclear energy in the US?