People carrying lanterns watch the sky at night during the annual Perseid meteor shower in El Escorial, outside Madrid, Aug. 13, 2015.

This Senegalese astronomer is helping NASA measure asteroids in space

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NASA is working with Senegalese astronomers to measure the dimensions of asteroids in outer space. Astronomer Maram Kaire speaks with The World’s host Marco Werman about the work of “chasing after the shadow cast by the asteroids.”

In this image made from a NASA livestream, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft crashes into an asteroid

NASA spacecraft successfully crashes into asteroid during space defense test

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Protesting farmers ride tractors and shout slogans as they march to the capital, breaking police barricades, during India's Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi, India

India repeals controversial farm laws after a year of protests

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The lift-off fire from rockets carrying a Chinese space mission are shown with the smoke from blast clouding the bottom of the photograph.

China, Russia agree to build lunar research station

In this handout photo released by Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (GCTC) and the Roscosmos space agency, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, center, reacts after landing near the town of Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan, Oct. 22, 2020.

Cassidy from space: ‘Looking down at Earth, it’s just this blue ball of peace’

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A US flag flutters in the breeze. In the background, a rocket launchpad

What private companies could mean for NASA space exploration

It’s been nearly a decade since an astronaut was launched into space from American soil. Wednesday, at Cape Canaveral Florida, the company SpaceX and NASA tried to end that streak on board the Falcon 9 until weather scrapped the launch. The World’s Marco Werman speaks with Margaret Weitekamp, head of the space history department at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, about the future of US space flight. 

Two NASA astronauts in spacesuits in front of a rocket launch pad

NASA, SpaceX to launch rocket; EU, Japan plan huge stimulus efforts; Twitter marks Trump tweets with fact-check label

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Two American astronauts are set to make history on a SpaceX rocket launching from the Kennedy Space Center today. The European Union and Japan have unveiled huge stimulus packages to help economies rebound in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Also, Twitter slaps a fact-check label on US President Donald Trump’s tweets for the first time. In China, officials are urging a change to a long-standing chopstick tradition. And, bilingual comedians are working to reach their audiences through the pandemic.

a boy looks at a projection of Mars

NASA aims to build on moon as a way station for Mars

The last manned mission to the moon was almost a half-century ago in 1972, when Cold War-era tensions underscored President John F. Kennedy’s push to prove technologies that landed the first humans on the lunar surface.

The Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft is shown streaking across the sky with a long white cloud of smoke trailing behind it.

Russian space rocket fails in mid-air, two-man US-Russian crew lands safely

The two-man US-Russian crew of a Soyuz spacecraft taking them to the orbiting International Space Station had to make an emergency landing in Kazakhstan on Thursday when a rocket failed in mid-air.

Voyager 1

‘Knocking on eternity’s door’ — NASA’s Voyager mission turns 40


The Voyager probes have sent messages about our solar system back to Earth for 40 years. They also double as messengers: Each carries a copy of the iconic Golden Record, a phonograph packed with data and messages about human beings. As their power runs down and they eventually cease returning data to Earth, their only functional purpose will be to send that Golden Record out into space.