Condoleezza Rice visits India

The U.S. Secretary of State tries to diffuse tensions between India and Pakistan resulting from the Mumbai attacks.

‘The World’: Miami’s Cuban Voters

Global Politics

Google Earth, Net Filtering


Speedcabling Championship


Using the Web to stop violence in Kenya


Goth Service at St. Edward in Cambridge, UK, Featuring Leonard Cohen’s Music

Lifestyle & Belief

Anchor Lisa Mullins visits Cambridge, England, where she stumbles upon a bizarre and fascinating church service. It features Goths in leather bustiers and the music of Leonard Cohen.

Judge Behind Ruling Linked to Russian Adoption Bill Speaks Out

Conflict & Justice

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signaled he is likely to approve a bill which would ban adoption of Russian children by Americans.

Tragic Fireworks Explosion in Nigeria

Conflict & Justice

There was a deadly fire Wednesday in Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos that killed at least one person and injured 30 others.

A Russian Orphan Fights to Stop Ban on Adoptions

Conflict & Justice

Alexander D’Jamoos is one of the many Russian children who have been adopted in the United States in the past 20 years. D’Jamoos has written a letter to President Putin asking him not to sign the law banning Americans from adopting Russian children.

Remembering Influential Art Dealer Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Nahmad

International art market expert Godfrey Barker speaks with Host Lisa Mullins about Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Nahmad, one of the world’s most influential art dealers, who died last month at age 80.