Haitians who were detained hold up their immigration status documents to prove they have work permits, in Haina, Dominican Republic, March 16, 2024.

‘We have different cultures, but we share the same island’: Dominican Republic priest says his country should do more to help Haiti

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The Dominican Republic has decided to impose tighter border restrictions to keep people from Haiti out of the country. The World’s host, Carolyn Beeler, speaks with Osvaldo Concepción, a Jesuit priest who works closely with Haitians who have crossed into the Dominican Republic, about the situation.

St. Paul and St. Andrew is located on West 86th street, in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

New York City is trying to turn houses of worship into shelters

Under the suspicion of drug consumption, police officers frisk a group of migrants at a camp on a street in downtown El Paso, Texas, April 30, 2023.

Report: Human rights abuses by US immigration officials are rampant at the southern border

The CAFEMIN shelter in Mexico City is designed for 80 people, but it's currently hosting 500, with most of them sleeping on gym mats in the shelter's basketball court.

Shelters for migrants in Mexico City overwhelmed as US changes its asylum rules

man at podium

Afghans who fled to the US hope that Congress will fix their status 

Three families from Afghanistan prepare to board a boat in Necocli, Colombia, that will take them towards the border with Panama.

Afghan families traverse most of Latin America to seek asylum at the US border


The US government changed the rules governing how people can seek asylum at the US-Mexico border last week, as a pandemic-era policy called Title 42 expired. Although it may become more difficult, thousands of people are still making their way from South America to the US border, including migrants from all over the world. Some are making their way through the Darien Gap, a dangerous jungle that separates Colombia and Panama.

Wide view of Almeria in southern Spain.

Migrant farmworkers in Spain living in makeshift encampments have little hope for formal work


Many migrant farmworkers in Spain say they can’t afford housing, so they live in makeshift plastic housing near the farms where they work. Local governments have tried to remove these informal settlements and relocate people to shelters far from the farms — but they keep building back.

The Talyzenkov family, currently living in London, England, heads back to Ukraine for a weeklong visit.

‘Family is everything’: A train ride to a long-awaited reunion in Ukraine


The Talyzenkov family heads back to Ukraine by train for a weeklong visit. The two children are eager to reunite with their father, who is currently serving in the army.

Venezuelan migrants board a boat in the Colombian city of Necocli that will take them closer to Panama, the next stop on the way to the United States

New Biden policy leaves thousands of Venezuelan migrants stranded


The Biden administration announced a plan that will automatically reject all Venezuelans seeking asylum at the US border with Mexico if they enter the country without authorization. The deal will only benefit a fraction of asylum-seekers.

Residents stand amid their homes damaged by a gasoline truck that overturned and exploded in Cap-Haitien, Haiti

‘Haitians deserve a chance to determine their own future,’ former US envoy says


Ambassador Daniel Foote — former US special envoy for Haiti — told The World’s host Carol Hills that the US, though moving in the right direction now, hasn’t been doing right by Haiti.