Marine mammals

The carcass of a right whale is prepared to be towed out to sea near Norway, Prince Edward Island.

Experts say ‘extinction is around the corner’ for Atlantic right whales


There have been a record 18 deaths and zero births of the species over the past year.

A dolphin performs tricks at a recent Six Flags show in Mexico City.

Mexico City is banning dolphin shows, taking a lead on animal rights

Oil flows through pipes to the Westridge Marine near Vancouver, BC. A second, much larger pipeline here is part of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau's plan to increase exports of oil from Alberta's tar sands region. Opponents say that would increase

This Canadian oil pipeline could cause the next great controversy

The vaquita marina is a critically endangered porpoise species that lives only in the northern part of the Gulf of California. Scientists believe the population may be down to just 30 animals.

Adios, vaquita marina? Mexico’s ‘little sea cow’ is being pushed to the edge of extinction.


Why are we fascinated with dolphins?


Sea otter populations could be key to carbon sequestration


Undersea kelp forest are hugely important in scrubbing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. But kelp forests depend on sea otters to survive, according to new research.

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Otters As Climate Defenders

Sea Otters are known for their playful demeanor and cuddly appearance, but scientists at the University of California at Santa Cruz think that the cuddly creatures could help reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Scientist discover critical role sea otter play in climate change


Sea otters are popular stars at the local zoo, but they might also be important tools in the battle to combat climate change. New research shows the cuddly little creatures have a big job in keeping kelp forests alive and well and removing carbon from our atmosphere.

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Sea Otters at Bay

Salt Marsh Diary writer Mark Seth Lender encountered sea otters lounging, wrestling, and feeding in waters along the California coastline.

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Sea Otters: Swimming for a Comeback

Now numbering 2,300, the sea otter population is beginning to grow slowly though steadily. Rachel Anne Goodman reports from Santa Cruz, California on whether the sea otter will be delisted from the Endangered Species Act anytime soon.