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The Dominican Republic took in Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany in exchange for a promise to develop the land. Franz Blumenstein rides a donkey in Sosúa, Dominican Republic, 1940.

The Dominican Republic took in Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler while 31 nations looked away

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A New Hampshire man stumbled on an overlooked moment of history: The forgotten Evian conference where only one of 32 countries — the Dominican Republic — agreed to help settle German Jewish refugees. The doomed Evian Conference is viewed as a beginning act of the Holocaust.

A close up of image of ancient Dead Sea scroll texts.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a priceless link to the Bible’s past

Jews digging a trench in Ponar forest, in which they were later buried, after being shot

Science confirms the incredible story of Lithuania’s Holocaust escape tunnel

Beth Haim cemetery in Curaçao is believed to be the oldest Jewish cemetery in the Western Hemisphere.

Pollution is destroying probably the oldest Jewish cemetery in the Western Hemisphere

Visitors to the new Space of Synagogues memorial place stones in remembrance of the dead in Lviv, Ukraine on Sept. 4.

Why Ukraine’s newest Holocaust memorial is so important

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‘Iran’s Hemingway’ visited Israel in 1963, and wrote about it

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In the 1960s, Israel and Iran weren’t sworn enemies. In fact, there were political and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Among them was a visit by a famed Iranian author to Israel — an experience that he wrote about in a book with startling contradictions.

Actors Rebecca Schneebaum, Maureen Keiller and Bobbie Steinbach (not pictured) performed "Muttersprache Mameloschn" at the Goethe Institut in Boston.

What happened to Jewish survivors who stayed in the former East Germany after the Holocaust?

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It’s nearly seventy years since World War II ended. In that time, many historians have documented what happened to Germany’s Jews under the Nazis. But less attention has been paid to what happened to Jewish survivors who stayed in Germany after the Holocaust – particularly the Jews who settled in the former East Germany, or the GDR as it was called. Now a new German play addresses some of that history.

Victims in Toulouse shooting laid to rest in Jerusalem

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A large crowd turned out in Jerusalem on Wednesday to pay final respects to the four French Jews who were gunned down outside a Jewish school in Toulouse this week. The funeral was a somber occasion, with many Israelis arguing this was a sign the French Jewish community needed to move to Israel.

War, religious-themed restaurants in Ukraine spark controversy

Yurko Nazaruk opened a restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine that is designed to look like the sort of underground bunkers used by insurgents during World War II. It was so successful he opened one that’s themed after the country’s Jewish community, all but wiped out during the war, Lviv-born writer Leopold van Sacher Masoch, who lent his name to masochism. But not everyone is pleased.

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The Growing Problem of Anti-Semitism in France

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France is home to Western Europe’s biggest Jewish and Muslim populations. Tensions have been rising since last March, when a man named Mohamed Merah killed seven people – including three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse. The Merah case is extreme, but among an alarming number of anti-Semitic attacks across France this year.