Island countries

A plane flies over blue ocean waters and small island strips.

The pandemic wiped out tourism on Pacific island nations. Can they stay afloat?

Many Pacific islands and territories are solely dependent on tourism and key commodity exports. The move to close borders during the pandemic has come at a great economic cost.

Adele Willie, Lavenia Yalovi and Jennesa Hinge Moli are female sports commentators from the Pacific Islands.

‘Commentary for Good’ brings underrepresented languages to the Women’s World Cup

A Chinese flag flies in front of the Great Wall of China

A group of Western nations are planning to bulk up their Pacific presence to counter China

The Creole Choir of Cuba, who sing impassioned songs influenced by both traditional gospel and Caribbean music.

This Haitian-Cuban choir delivers haunting vocals in Creole

Nuku Island is in the southern part of Tonga.

Here’s how a tiny Pacific island got better Internet than the US

Dominican students

Dominicans argue over a court ruling that strips citizenship from many born in the country

Global Politics

In September of 2013, a high court in the Dominican Republic ruled that Dominicans with an immigrant ancestor who came without legal papers are no longer automatically citizens — even if they were born in the country. It’s a controversial decision that is creating arguments in the country and outside.

Advocates seeking to reclaim Irish language for Catholics and Protestants

Global Politics

The Irish language has often been viewed as a weapon by Irish Catholic and an enemy tongue by the country’s Protestants. But no longer, if some Irish have their way. They’re trying to reclaim the language for both sides, and take the politics out of it.

Creating Caribbean Music in London: Anthony Joseph and the Spasm Band

Arts, Culture & Media

Musician Anthony Joseph grew up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, where he began writing poetry at the age of 10. But it was only after moving to London at the age of 22 that he started setting his words to music.

A woman carries a carton of milk past a Republican mural of "Gaeilgeoir" (Irish speaker) Bobby Sands outside the Sinn Fein offices on the Falls road in West Belfast (Reuters/Cathal McNaughton)

A New Protestant Beginning for the Irish Language in Belfast

Arts, Culture & Media

The Irish language used to be a symbol of Catholic nationalism. But it’s gradually becoming de-politicized, morphing into just another minority language in need of saving. You can see evidence of that change in community halls in Belfast.

Cyprus Banks Reopen

Lifestyle & Belief

Banks in Cyprus reopen after a two-week closure sparked by negotiations over an EU-IMF bailout, but withdrawals are being tightly controlled.