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Brazil’s yellow-and-green soccer jersey stirs up controversy


The Brazilian soccer team’s jersey colors have been co-opted by far-right President Jair Bolsonaro. But some people say that the reelection of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in late October could change that.

Pardis Mahdavi (center) gathers with other family members based in the US.

The tiny but mighty hyphen: Does it unite or divide?

Pointing at brain scans

Nature vs nurture debate is ‘totally dead in science,’ says neuroscientist

A bakery in the Çukurcuma neighborhood makes a fresh batch of sesame-encrusted rings of bread, called simit. 

New novel offers a window into Turkey’s insular Rum community

Two-year-old Lula-Belle Butler-Wenlock-Simpson, right, who was born with heart problems and underwent open-heart surgery, poses with a Special Friends doll whose scar mirrors her own.

‘Special Friends’ dolls reflect the lives of children with special needs

Fedex Field, home of the Washington's NFL team in Landover, Maryland, is seen from Air Force One,  2013.

Washington NFL team retires racial slur from its name and logo


It’s a demand that Indigenous activists have been demanding for years. But it may be too early to call it a victory. “…Until we actually see what that replacement is, I think it’s probably too early to celebrate,” said Tristan Ahtone, president of the Native American Journalists Association. “The team still could come back with native-themed imagery.”

A woman holds open a magazine with an illustration of an astronaut and cat on the cover. The woman's eyes are visible above the pages.

No ordinary saint, St. Sucia is a rebel zine for Latinx feminists

With a trailblazing zine centered around a rebel “saint,” Isabel Castro and Natasha Hernandez create a space for Latinx individuals looking for gender-challenging, border-crossing and ass-kicking representation.

A woman wearing headphones leans back on a settee staring at the ceiling in an artistic portrait

Micropixie expresses alienation of immigrant experience with music, sci-fi


An alien named Micropixie and her human counterpart, Single Beige Female, use music to understand humanity.

a baby sitting on steps and a child on a cobblestone street

The hardest question for a third culture kid: Where is home?

The World in Words

Karolina lives in Boston but grew up in several countries and speaks a bunch of languages. Her English is perfect but she doesn’t feel completely at home in it, or in American culture. Welcome to the world of third culture kids, a fast-growing group of people who fit in everywhere and nowhere.

The host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah's new memoir is called Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood.

Trevor Noah gets personal


The South African comedian talks to The World about race, family, and his new memoir, “Born a Crime.”