Hurricane Maria

A person wearing a pink cap sits at a table near three large, black, plastic rats.

‘Colonialism is scary as hell’: Puerto Rican activists in Chicago stage a haunted house


The spooky, interactive experience uses archival audio and video, as well as original art, to trace different periods in the history of Puerto Rico, from the 16th-century Spanish colonization through the United States takeover in 1898 and, finally, Hurricane Maria.

A hurricane is pictured from space going over Puerto Rico.

Caribbean fish love catastrophic hurricanes

Protesters gather with colorful signs

Puerto Rico’s new land-use zoning map strikes a nerve with fed-up citizens

Category-1 strength winds bend palm trees as Hurricane Dorian slams into St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands on Aug. 28, 2019.

Puerto Rico power grid official feels ‘prepared’ for Dorian as Trump slams ‘corrupt’ island

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As hurricane season nears in Puerto Rico, a doctor tries to help pregnant women prepare themselves

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Richelle Van Dusen and her partner, Dallas Tate, are shown bent over working in a field of green vegetables.

Photo essay: Puerto Rico’s small farmers rebuild, with help from chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen

A year and a half after Hurricane Maria struck the island, grants from World Central Kitchen are helping dozens of small farmers start fresh.


After Maria, Puerto Rican women farmers work together to build resilience


Hurricane Maria decimated many of Puerto Rico’s small farms. But soon afterward, a group of mostly women farmers came together to start helping each other learn how to farm more sustainably.

Crops were damaged in Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria, farmers in Puerto Rico struggle to rebuild


Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico’s agriculture sector. Months later, many farmers are still trying to get back on their feet, with the help of friends and volunteers.

PR road and electrical wires

In Puerto Rico, neighbors turn to each other in Maria’s aftermath


One year after Hurricane Maria slammed ashore in Puerto Rico, some communities are looking at the tragedy as a call to organize and become more resilient for future storms.

Hurricane Maria aftermath

Puerto Rico’s tropical forests are showing resilience after Hurricane Maria

The intense winds and rains of Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico’s natural environment. But nature is all about recovery.