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Police allow someone to pass outside the Time Warner Center

Officials investigating bombs sent to top Democrats and CNN as election looms


A suspicious package sent to Clinton was found late Tuesday while another package addressed to Obama was found early Wednesday. The Time Warner Center in New York City was evacuated after an explosive device was found in the CNN mail room Wednesday morning.


Searching for Hillary Clinton’s unused confetti

1 billion dollar question

Hey Donald Trump — here’s what women around the world need your help with

Mexican-American singer Lila Downs is voting in her first election

‘I hope for the best,’ says this first-time Mexican American voter

People sitting at a bar with a screen showing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton above

Texas is now a swing state, but here’s why these voters are sticking with Trump

Election 2016
Hillary Clinton's campaign office in Little Haiti

Clinton’s complicated history in Haiti has some voters saying, why vote at all?

Global Politics

During Wednesday night’s presidential debate, Republican nominee Donald Trump referenced his trip to Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, likening the city to the Caribbean country, saying that people there “hate the Clintons because what’s happened in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation.” Clinton defended the foundation’s work, comparing its accomplishments to those of the Trump Foundation’s. It underscored the complicated feelings about Clinton among Haitian-Americans.

Millennials watching the debate.

How millennials in DC watched — and responded to — the first debate

Election 2016

Millennials reject the idea that they are one homogenous group when it comes to politics (and everything else, really), as they become the largest voting group in the US. Here’s what we heard at debate-watching parties in Washington, DC.

Portrait of man, outdoors

Muslim refugees of another era could put Missouri in play for Clinton

Election 2016

If Missouri’s race is as close as recent polls suggest, some observers think it could be St. Louis’ “Bosnian vote” that gives the state’s 10 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton.

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with reporters during a visit for a summit of former Soviet republics at Kyrgyzstan's international Manas airport outside Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, September 17, 2016.

How close are Trump and Putin?

Election 2016

A closer look into the “bromance.”

Hillary Clinton pointing towards an audience.

In Hillary Clinton’s own words, this is what she’ll do for millennials


We hear a lot of things about the millennial generation. But too often, the people who are busy trying to define you are the ones who have spent the least time listening to you.