Gold mining

"Water is for the people" reads a sign in defense of Indigenous land and water rights at a large gathering in Ahuacatlán, Puebla state, Mexico.

Indigenous communities score victories against two mining projects in Mexico


In recent months, top federal courts in Mexico have canceled controversial mining concessions near Indigenous communities in two regions of Puebla state. About 100 Indigenous activists are now on a monthlong caravan to defend land and water rights across southern Mexico.

The new water-based process being used by some independent Mongolian miners can extract up to 80% of the gold from the ore and is much cleaner than processes using mercury or cyanide.

These Mongolian miners are making gold greener. Now they want their government to help.

Child gold mining in Philippines

In the Philippines, underwater gold mining comes with small payoffs and big risks


Nicaragua’s gold mining industry is booming, boosting country’s economy

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Colombia Sets Sight on ‘Green Gold’

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Nicaragua Cashing in on Rising Gold Prices

Global Politics

Rising gold prices are powering the economy in Nicaragua, which is welcoming foreign mining companies with open arms.

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The Blackfoot River and the Glory of the West

Montanans have an important decision coming up on McDonald Cyanide and gold mining in Western Montana. Jyl Hoyt reports.

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Gold Rush Legacy, Part I

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the discovery of gold in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Cheryl Colopy of member station KQED in San Francisco reports on the legacy of the Gold Rush on a landscape that was virtually untouched before gold was discovered.

The Living on Earth Almanac

This week, facts about…the California Gold Rush and mining.

State Initiatives

Drowned out in the barrage of election news and analysis were several small, but noteworthy, state and county initiatives. From Alaska to Louisiana people spoke up on the right to hunt, cyanide gold mining and genetically engineered agriculture. Living on Earth’s Ingrid Lobet reports.